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            公司始終秉承“融和發展、追求更好”的企業精神、 “崇尚品質、履約雙贏”的經營理念、“誠信做人、堅韌做事”的員工格言,建設優質工程。


          Established 60 years  ago,  Sheng’an  Construction  Group Co., Ltd. has  for all the time kept  optimizing  and  inheriting  favorable  management   knowledge,  pushing  forward  corporate  culture and improving the company’s force and goodwill and  has now grown up to a large joint-stock general contractor of  construction holding six subsidiaries. The company posses Grade One qualifications for mechanical&electrical  engineering,  power engineering,  petrochemical  engineering  and  constructional   engineering, A number   of  professional  contracting qualification  and  technical  license certificate.The company has passed  the  certifications of  management  systemon  quality/environment/occupational health   and  safety. The  company  made  out  the  flat   management   system  of  clear  procedures, make task and duty clear, smooth  communication, normalized  management and effective  assessment  and  fully  integrated the  ERP  information  system  with  the management system to ensure the fluent, efficient business operations.

          The  company   pocess   registered   onstruction  engineers,  ertified   accountants,  cost appraisers and safety engineers, medium and senior engineering  technical  staff  for more than 500  people, a number of  personnel  for organizational  management  and  process  operations of all projects within the qualification  scope. The company is equipped  with over 3000 devices and  machines, large  hoisting  equipment and  advanced construction equipment  for  handling of  heavy  equipment  and  mechanized  construction as well as other precise instruments for commissioning & testing within the qualification scope.

          Among the hundred  medium and large  projects  assumed  in recent years, the company has  won many  prizes and  awards, such as seven National Excellent  Project, six China installation star, more than fifty awards in Ministry-level Excellent Project,“Taishan Cup” Project and“Lu’an Cup”.The company has also been granted “National Contract Keeping & Credit Honoring Enterprise”, “National  Excellent Construction Company”,“National  Ankang  Cup Match  Winner”, “AAA  company  in  Nation  social  credit  evaluation of  construction enterprises ”, “ShanDong Provincial  Civilized Unit”, “ShanDong  Provincial safe production advanced  Enterprise”, “ShanDong Provincial  FUMINXINGLU Labor  Award”  and  “Promote  ZiBo  Labor  Award ”,  Zibo  city “Mayor  quality  management  award”.

          The  company  always  persists in enterprise  spirit  “Harmonious developmentpursuit better”,  persists  in   management   idea  “aimtohigh-quality,  perform  ancewin-win” ,

          persists  in employees motto “behaving faith  fully, doing  tenaciously”, construction High quality projects.



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